Beauty of Winter

On Tuesday evening the DC Metropolitan area began battening down for Winter Storm Petra, and by Wednesday the majority of schools were closed along with several universities and Government offices. Needless to say I was home and loved being tucked into our kitchen at Heath. After doing those frightful taxes I felt the need for comfort, and what better way to get back in sync than by testing a few recipes. 

Before cooking I paused for a brief moment to see the freshly fallen snow, and enjoyed the exquisite beauty of nature. These pictures are untouched and have that surreal look of black and white photography. But, now its time for sunny days with a bit of warmth.

Stay warm,


2 Replies to “Beauty of Winter”

    1. You are most kind, and am pleased the photos remind you of home. I had begun preping dinner that evening and couldn’t move from the kitchen window as the snow fell.


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