Art & Architecture of Greece

The Propylaea is a monumental gateway in ancient Greek architecture, and this photo was the corner entrance upon entering the Acropolis.

After Rome our team spent a few days in Athens checking out the Museum of Cycladic Art, the National Archaeological Museum along with hiking the Acropolis citadel to the Parthenon, then back down to the Acropolis Museum to view the antiquities on display and to have a most delicious lunch in their unique restaurant.

Amazon on horseback, perhaps the queen Antiope and the Caryatids from the Erechtheion porticos on the south side of the porch The six sculpted Korai {maidens} supported the roof, but after years of being exposed to pollution and thieves, one was taken by Lord Elgin to the British Museum and the remaining five are being preserved in the Acropolis Museum.

Bronze statue of Zeus or Poseidon found in the sea of Cape Artemision in northern Euboea. The god is shown in stride, extending his left arm…..absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Chapel of Saint George Lycabetus {1834}- Lykavittos is the highest hill in Athens, and is visible from the entire city. The view is spectacular.


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