Three Things of Beauty

{This gorgeous tabletop from Tico DC on the 14th Street corridor in Washington was like viewing a Rothko style painting so, before lunch I had to photograph this creative artwork} {I have a passion for treats such as eclairs, French macarons, and assorted cakes from Ladurée in Georgetown or Venice} {Duck served traditionally at our table by the chef at Peking Gourmet Inn in Falls Church, VA}

Recently, after a typically hard day at work, I arrived home to prep an absolutely delicious evening meal. Believe it or not that’s how I relax in the evening, but before cooking I turned on a bit of jazz to unwind.

The first song that played was entitled “Three things of beauty”, by Bruce Barth, which I thought was a most exquisite name, and thought it would be a great heading for Stylish Heath instead of “favorites”.

For several months now, I have been looking for a platform in which to showcase images that had not been used for a blog post, and are too interesting to set aside. This format will be a fun way to display alluring photos, which today are about food….one of my passions!!!!


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