Art Break!

Several friends and followers have stated difficulty opening this post, evidently there was an error so, I am resubmitting….please enjoy!!!

Taking a few days off last week was my version of spring break, a vacation if you will to pop in to a few museums, lunch with family and friends, and design the garden for the upcoming year.

The East Building of the National Gallery of Art and its Sculpture Gardens are located on the National Mall between Third and Ninth Street at Constitution Avenue. The East Building designed by I.M. Pei houses the modernist and contemporary art of the collection.  He also designed the glass pyramids for the plaza space between the West and East wings, a framed skylight ceiling.

This sculpture by Jean Dubuffet is called Site a l’homme assis; 1969-1984, made of polyester resin. And, this gorgeous oil on canvas by Paul Cezanne called Still Life with Milk Jug and Fruit c. 1900 still projects an extremely bright palette.

Me in front of Hahn/Cock a 15 foot sculpture of a giant blue rooster or cockerel by German artist Katharina Fritsch. Unveiled in London’s Trafalgar Square in July 2013, made of fiberglass, this art work makes for great fun to walk around and view.

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6 Replies to “Art Break!”

    1. The rooster was a lot of fun, it is located on the roof of the National Gallery. I truly hope you can travel to DC soon, there is so much to see; monuments, galleries and the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia.


  1. Absolutely awe inspiring artwork. I can’t pick a favorite. But I bet you had a blast. Nice post……………..I would also bet that you have an art background.


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