Solstice 2016

 IMG_4236{Photo of early morning sunrise in Reston, courtesy of Chrissy Kelley}

Solstice season is in full swing and marks the longest, brightest day of the year. And what makes this day extra special is that it arrives with a glowing full moon along with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in the night sky. What I absolutely love is that after Monday our daylight hours will decrease , and its not that I do not enjoy summer in all its glorious sunlight, but do prefer nightish activities in much cooler weather.

A few interesting facts about the summer solstice is that it marks the midpoint between the planting and harvesting seasons, and a June full moon has not occurred on the solstice since 1948…. wow!!!


4 Replies to “Solstice 2016”

  1. Tonight’s full moon is known as a “Strawberry Moon.” It only occurs once every 70 years and is a June full moon that coincides with the beginning of the strawberry growing season according to Native American lore. Keep looking up!


  2. Love the photo. Beautiful setting. I’m looking forward to the full moon. Thanks for the “quick facts” about the June Solstice.


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