Museu do Amanhã {Museum of Tomorrow}

IMG_3061 IMG_3064 IMG_3063 A science museum in the city of Rio designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.  The museum has partnerships with Brazil’s leading universities, global science institutions and collects real-time data on climate and population from space agencies and the United Nations.

IMG_3080Built near the waterfront of Pier Maua, the Museu do Amanhã {Museum of Tomorrow} is where many will come to see sci-fi fantasy objects such as lasers, robots and space travel, but will be disappointed to find no technology on display. The museum mixes science and its innovative design on sustainable cities.

I love when art and architecture come together so, stylishly!

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3 thoughts on “Museu do Amanhã {Museum of Tomorrow}

  1. Will you look at that…………….Wow!!!!!!!!! Now that is architecture. Spectacular museum. Very nice photos.


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