Something Sweet!

IMG_3447{Heart-shaped shortbread cookies with raspberry filling from la Madeleine at the Reston Town Center}

Lately when running errands I always seem to be walking up to a bakery window to see what wondrous confections have been assembled for my review, even grocery stores are displaying tasty treats for you to toss into your carts.

IMG_3396 IMG_3406{The double chocolate, three-layer cake from the Amphora Bakery in Vienna, VA. This is definitely going on my list of go to cakes}

Recently a family friend recommended a bakery located in the next town called Amphora so, after work the other day I drove over to see what sort of baked goods were on display. Immediately upon entering, delicious aromas wafted throughout the shop from layered cakes, latticed designed pies, braided breads and cookies piled high with nuts, chocolate or fruit; and for the pièce de résistance, an espresso bar located behind the main display case had the most tantalizing smell of freshly brewed coffee…does it get any better!

IMG_3464In the past week I have been into three patisseries to savor a delicacy made with the freshest ingredients and to enjoy an espresso or dark roast coffee. But, yesterday while in Trader Joe’s I found these cocoa dusted truffles with toffee bits, just waiting to be brought home and savored in a private moment.

Bon appétit and Happy Valentine’s Day!

11 Replies to “Something Sweet!”

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, K. The deserts are truly scrumptious looking, notwithstanding, the photography adds to the appeal. Nice work and to be honest I would select the shortbread cookies w/berry filling.


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