Fallingwater, PA

IMG_3388IMG_3385Family members have been skiing and snowboarding this weekend at Seven Springs and took a drive to Fallingwater; the home designed over falls on Bear Run in the mountains  southeast of Pittsburgh by Frank Lloyd Wright. The house built for the Kaufmann family between 1936 and 1939 was to be a refuge for hiking, riding and fishing.

As an art student I remember studying the strong horizontal and vertical lines of this home, which are a distinctive architectural feature. There are four levels that are progressively set back to lie low against the forested hillside; the terraces, apparently suspended in space, echo the form of the waterfall.

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2 thoughts on “Fallingwater, PA

  1. Interesting!!!! For this home having been built in the mid 1930’s it has a remarkable modern day appeal. If you had not given the year it was built, I would have sworn this was recently built. Nice pad!!!!!!!! Nice pic.


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