The Mist of Möhringen

IMG_2833 IMG_2834 IMG_2835 IMG_2837 IMG_2838There is nothing like being inspired by close friends, and when they share interpretations of their artistic insight or talent I am truly thrilled. A good friend of mine, Karen moved to Stuttgart a year ago and was taking an early morning walk the other day, and while strolling through the town of Möhringen, she captured the foggy mist of the countryside near a pond in these gorgeous photographs.

Karen we love your stylish photographs, and thank you so much for sharing,

9 Replies to “The Mist of Möhringen”

  1. Captivating pics by Karen. There is something about mist and fog in photos that especially have me pause and reflect on life. A feeling of serenity when I look at these pics. Nice job and thanks to Karen and K for sharing……..


  2. Nice photos. Our forecast in Chicago calls for foggy weather Thursday morning due to the dew point and humidity being nearly equal….a prime recipe for foggy misty conditions.


  3. Your post title caught my attention – this is not too far from where I live in Stuttgart 🙂 Can’t say I’ve ever gone to explore there, though, but Karen’s pics look like I should!

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      1. Oh, I’d be really interested in that!! I’m sure I could find it online but it’s always better to get info from someone who’s actually been there.


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