Happy Halloween!!!

IMG_2809IMG_2808 Halloween has arrived and we loaded up on huge bags of candy, which I cannot stop reaching into when in need of a sugary treat. Getting Heath ready for tricks or treats was a labor of love by raking and blowing leaves into mountainous piles, trimming the liriope back from the walkway and setting out pumpkins.

And as always, Malcolm the Cat finds a way of ingratiating himself into the photos as the pumpkins are being placed on the front of the house from the garden. These pumpkins had rainwater on the tops that the cat could not resist drinking.

Have a safe and stylish Halloween,

4 Replies to “Happy Halloween!!!”

    1. Thank you and had a wonderful Halloween celebration w/ family! The neighborhood was unusually quiet for a Saturday night, most of our trick or treaters were the older kids!! I hope you brought a bit of this “spooky” celebration to those in Germany!!!


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