Whimsical Gardens

IMG_1418 IMG_1433Garden catalogs are arriving daily at Heath and it’s that time of year where I like to sequester myself with paper and pencils to draft a layout of the grounds for spring, summer and fall.

I enjoy choosing a yearly theme and color scheme so; the gardens flow colorfully from one season to the next with a flourish of blooms.

IMG_3131Using photos from Versailles {my favorite gardens}, books and magazines for inspiration I am attempting to create a dream garden where one steps into an enchanted world that speaks of “once upon a time” and all that is luxurious and whimsical. A coveted spot to enjoy during each of the seasons.

Plan and create stylishly,



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  1. In my opinion, it’s the gardens that make for a beautiful landscape, not just planting trees and shrubs and throwing mulch around. The work, planning and maintanence that go into gardening is a success in and of itself. And when the garden cultivates and you’re able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, that’s a landscape.

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