Stylish Update

IMG_0808{This is one of my dream coves that no one knows about, where I relax in privacy working through all of my creative ideas. I love the salt air of the beach, the brusque wind blowing hard and having the catch of the day for dinner}

I know that making time for oneself is easier said than done. But, what if instead you scheduled a few time saving techniques into a daily routine to ensure you were taking care of just yourself. As new year resolutions abound I really do not want to promise to eat healthy, lose 25 pounds or to reorganize closets, but taking time to do what makes me happy…. well that’s something to look forward to each and every day!

IMG_3105There is nothing like wrapping myself in this elegant scarf in the evenings that was crocheted by our dear family friend Veronica from Valencia, Spain, and as the weather gets colder snuggling into this cover while watching movies at night is extremely comforting.

IMG_3089Crispy apple strudel with vanilla ice cream sprinkled with cinnamon is such a novel treat from the Brazilian restaurant Chima at Tyson’s Corner. It is a delicious taste combination of spicy sweet and a savory way to end a tasty meal.

IMG_2509Here are the beginnings of a scrumptious beef stew that is easy to throw together for a comforting mid-week meal. It is chilly outside and this is the perfect way to warm the kitchen. The herbs are still coming in on our deck as I placed them close to the brick for warmth and the bay leaves are in pots in our breakfast room out of the frosty air.

Stay warm stylishly,

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  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Such a scenic cove. I’d be there if anyone is ever looking to find me. Just look for me at the top of the cove. Awesome pic. Nice post as well.

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