Stylish Sunsets 3.11.14

IMG_2511 IMG_2514 IMG_1407{The first picture was taken at 7:13, the second at 7:15 and the third at 7:21 PM}

As spring approaches I look forward to the extensive color array that can be found just outside my front door. And this evening the sky did not disappoint with hues so vibrant and pure that I could not stop taking pictures of the magnificent panoramic view.


6 Replies to “Stylish Sunsets 3.11.14”

  1. Hello Stylish Heath. One word to describe that evolving sunset at Heath. Mesmerizing………………………………look at those colors..Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. These beautiful pictures of the Cosmos are perfectly timed with the reboot of the original ‘Cosmos’ series by Carl Sagan. Make sure you watch the new ‘Cosmos’ hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson on Sunday night on either the Fox channels or the Nat Geo channel. Everything we ever were, are or ever will be are defined by the Cosmos.


    1. Sean sent information on the “Cosmos” series last week so, I did a bit of reading at the Nat Geo site. They did a wonderful homage on Carl Sagan’s contributions in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. I am really looking forward to the show this weekend!!


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