December Sunset

There is nothing like seeing a beautiful sunset after a long hard day at work. The building I am in has limited windows so, one never knows if it is sunny and warm, or snowy and cold.

After a day of toiling until it is difficult to think, I do enjoy exiting the building, while walking briskly and taking deep breaths of fresh air. But, this evening I saw an absolutely gorgeous sunset from the parking lot, and grabbed my phone to take a few shots before the sun quickly set.

Enjoy the season,

Abstract Sunsets

IMG_3643 IMG_3647When fall arrives and the humidity lessens, the night sky puts on a show worthy of the local art galleries. When my brother Steve told me to see the display on the front of the house, we walked out the front door and saw the clouds were displaying an exhibit on abstract expressionism. I grabbed my camera to take photographs of the whorls, scribbles, blobs and drips that were splashed across the sky last night in a very surrealistic manner.

IMG_2043Abstract Expressionists used color, shapes and space to create their version of demonstrative art, and Mother Nature gets wave reviews for this performance. I cannot wait for the next showcase!!!

View stylishly,

Stylish Sunsets 3.11.14

IMG_2511 IMG_2514 IMG_1407{The first picture was taken at 7:13, the second at 7:15 and the third at 7:21 PM}

As spring approaches I look forward to the extensive color array that can be found just outside my front door. And this evening the sky did not disappoint with hues so vibrant and pure that I could not stop taking pictures of the magnificent panoramic view.