Petit Trianon

A few of our team spent April in Paris, and one of their expeditions was to Versailles where they toured the neoclassical château and grounds of Petit Trianon. This is where Marie Antoinette would come to escape the formality of court life and would invite only her closest circle of friends to share in the exclusivity of this retreat. I began to research this Neoclassical chateau along with the purpose of Petit Trianon being an escape, a point of refuge to the Queen.

When you put in a hard day at work, I completely understand the need for privacy, a retreat of your own to relax your way.  This could be walking through your personal gardens, delighting in private dining with food served on porcelain dishes {Sèvres} or good old paper plates. It’s your call and at the end of a day, there’s nothing like a genuine retreat where you may be cozy with a dash of elegance in the mix

I’m obtaining or researching ideas from Versailles to implement at Heath. I’ve been adding elements to our family room to create an evening retreat for cozy dinners and an occasional night of television.

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