Stylish Birthday!!!


Celebrating my birthday on the First of July is a fabulous prelude to starting the summer. It is a few days before the festivities of Independence Day takes precedence with family, food, fun and fireworks. I find the older I get, the idea of observing my birthday through loud garish rituals and the extolling of laudatory songs or speeches has completely worn off.

You know you have reached a certain age when you are reminded of an upcoming birthday by the delivery of coupons or cards from specialty stores arriving via mail or email stating, “celebrate your birthday on us”!!

Please do not misunderstand my intent; I enjoy a celebration, but one that has the pace of quiet refinement and understated elegance. Instead of a gooey, deliciously thick chiffon cake, I prefer a pear frangipane tart from the bakery in Whole Foods, served with a chilled glass of Brut Cava (Spanish wine). Next, a few choice tunes playing throughout the house (preferably soft Brazilian Jazz) and cut flowers from the garden displayed in clear glass vases on the countertops and tables.

IMG_0214{Sunflowers and a Pear Frangipani tart}

I have come to enjoy this tranquil annual observance within the privacy of my home, away from restaurants with wait-staff who may burst into outrageous song, bearing a slice of overly sweet cake and that solemn candle flittering on two inches of icing.

It takes a great deal of preparation to ensure my celebration is private, away from the annoying disturbances of a restaurant, and as much as I love my friends, this has truly become a family affair!

So, to my fabulous sister and all of my friends who are also “Cancer the Crabs”, dedicate time for yourself and enjoy the day your way!!

Entertain stylishly, especially for yourself!!!


9 Replies to “Stylish Birthday!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday Stylish Heath. I hear what you’re saying about enaging your inner self and enjoying your day at home with cherished ones. And that tart looks like it has my name on it. Lay back and groove on your b-day. Peace out.


  2. Here’s to wishing you had a eventful birthday through your inspiring blog, Stylish Heath. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel the same way about birthday’s now that I’m middle aged. That pear tart looks delicious up on your windowsill. Love your blog…………………………………Go Stylish Heath.


  3. Hi Kathy, Happy Belated Birthday. I liked the way you celebrated. Gave me ideas for mine. Take care & see you soon.


    1. The flowers are still in the vase looking fabulous, but the delicious tart has disappeared. Overall it was a quietly elegant birthday. Thank you so much for viewing Stylish Heath and please stop by again!!!!


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