Trader Joe’s to the Rescue

On a recent flight across country our stewardess sauntered down the aisle to bring a veritable fare of stale pretzels and bottled water……yum, which I might add was not satisfying.  I’ve always been the one who has snacks tucked away in a tote when traveling, until two weeks ago, when suddenly my brother turned and asked, “where are the snacks”? I couldn’t believe I was without … right there on the plane! I wanted to hide, and couldn’t believe I left home without treats. The only thing that kept us going was knowing upon landing, we would have margaritas and shrimp/fish tacos from “Pink Taco”.

>> These “trail mix” crackers are a must, made with raisins, cheese, cashews and mung beans- perfect for that 10:00 AM snack at work. >> The cashews, fig cookies, and olive & herb mixed nuts are perfect for lunches during a busy work week or weekend snacks. >> Veggies with lemons and limes. >> Ciabatta and boules- breads for weeknight dinners or lunches. The Thai Shrimp dumplings and Kung Pao chicken are a perfect quick meal after a hard day at work.

The thing about traversing the neighborhoods of Los Angeles are seeing a plethora of Trader Joe’s on every other corner. I was thrilled upon entering the store when a salesperson approached and suggested trying the “trail mix” crackers. These tasty crisp have raisins, mung beans and cashews. I purchased a few bags for the return flight, and couldn’t wait to hit our neighborhood store the following week.

I’m already planning for our next trip to purchase a few seasonal treats that are always delicious and fun.

Travel stylishly,

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  1. I had to laugh because always when I travel and it’s not only by train, plane or bus, munchies are ALWAYS on my list of things to pack in my carryon or purse. I’m not a fan of Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s but snacks from my local Bodega, Walgreens, Dollar Tree or the three local supermarkets here in New York City, Ideal, Key Food and Stop and Shop, ALWAYS do the trick. Happy travels and keep those snacks coming.

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