Trader Joe’s to the Rescue

On a recent flight across country our stewardess sauntered down the aisle to bring a veritable fare of stale pretzels and bottled water……yum, which I might add was not satisfying.  I’ve always been the one who has snacks tucked away in a tote when traveling, until two weeks ago, when suddenly my brother turned and asked, “where are the snacks”? I couldn’t believe I was without … right there on the plane! I wanted to hide, and couldn’t believe I left home without treats. The only thing that kept us going was knowing upon landing, we would have margaritas and shrimp/fish tacos from “Pink Taco”.

>> These “trail mix” crackers are a must, made with raisins, cheese, cashews and mung beans- perfect for that 10:00 AM snack at work. >> The cashews, fig cookies, and olive & herb mixed nuts are perfect for lunches during a busy work week or weekend snacks. >> Veggies with lemons and limes. >> Ciabatta and boules- breads for weeknight dinners or lunches. The Thai Shrimp dumplings and Kung Pao chicken are a perfect quick meal after a hard day at work.

The thing about traversing the neighborhoods of Los Angeles are seeing a plethora of Trader Joe’s on every other corner. I was thrilled upon entering the store when a salesperson approached and suggested trying the “trail mix” crackers. These tasty crisp have raisins, mung beans and cashews. I purchased a few bags for the return flight, and couldn’t wait to hit our neighborhood store the following week.

I’m already planning for our next trip to purchase a few seasonal treats that are always delicious and fun.

Travel stylishly,