Next Escape

As our weekend trip fast approaches, I’m craving some much-needed escapism and cannot wait to bolt. I’ve taken note that excursions require careful planning in order to stay safe. Several kits have been compiled that consist of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, disposable gloves, and face masks. Many states require face coverings when you’re out in public, and I have always been one to wipe down high touch surfaces so, when we get to our hotel will disinfect doorknobs, bathroom sinks and remotes.

I’ve been updating my music playlist for the drive to NYC and want to stream a few movies to my iPhone. I’m a Phryne Fisher fan and love solving her mysteries’ so, will be watching; Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears on Acorn. The film takes place in 1929 Jerusalem, the fashions and scenery are always fabulous. I also want to view a bit of Alfred Hitchcock but cannot make a choice so, will peruse through Amazon Prime.

Here are the travel playlist additions, I am so loving right now, and a few have been out for a while, but are still great to listen to while getting cozy for the road trip this weekend.

        • I Think She Likes Ketchup {Win Pongsakorn}
        • One Note Samba {Pat Kirley with John Standefer}
        • Lush Life {Tito Puente}
        • Syndrome {Marsalis Family}
        • Why Don’t You Do Right {Peggy Lee}
        • The Girl from East 9th Street {Paul Desmond}
        • Star Song {Vince Guaraldi}
        • Westchester Lady {Bob James}

Stay stylish,

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