NYC Reopens

Next week, I will be heading to NYC for a brief getaway. Like many of our states, they rely on a bit of tourism to power their economy and I’m happy to report that Governor Cuomo has stated museums and cultural centers may reopen in the coming weeks. All of us at Stylish Heath listen to the news, read articles, post and newspapers every day in order to stay well informed on how to maneuver during this pandemic.

When messages began pouring in from museums that were reopening, I couldn’t contain my enthusiasm …… can you say ecstatic!!! The first notice was from The Met, and then MOMA, each offering timed-entry tickets so, we nabbed a few for the weekend of the 28th. The Whitney Museum of Art will reopen September 3rd so, stay turned.

It feels wonderful to sneak a few minutes during a busy workday to compile an itinerary and shopping list so, as not to miss single item.

Met Visitor Guidelines

New York Gov. Cuomo Says Museums and Cultural Centers to Reopen

Travel stylishly while staying safe,

5 Replies to “NYC Reopens”

    1. Thank you Cheryl for your kind thoughts, and we shall all prevail. It was good to get out of the house and enjoy a bit of art. We all felt safe in NYC by keeping our mask on, washing our hands and keeping at a safe distance ….. [living the new norm]


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