Update from Paris

The latest news from Paris are the strikes over France’s pension reform that are in full effect and have shut the Louvre museum along with public transportation. Several dozen protesters, including some Louvre employees staged a demonstration after an appeal from several unions against President Emmanuel Macron’s changes to the retirement system, which they stated will “lower everyone’s pensions”. 

The Louvre was our first destination scheduled for Friday morning with timed tickets. We arrived at 8:40 am on a extremely cloudy day, protestors were already blocking the front doors so, no one was going in, employees also gathered in the Pyramid, while police gathered around the courtyard to ensure safety. Around 9;45 the sky opened up and it began to rain…. hard and fast …luckily most people were dressed appropriately. Under our umbrella my group triangulated the next destination, when we received an alert the museum was closed for the rest of the day.

From our hotel it was an impressive site to see democracy at work, as thousands of Parisians stood in unity against the government. I am also pleased to be able to access France 24 to keep up with world news.

France 24- Article, Friday, January 17th


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