October Weekend

Lately weekends haven’t been a barrage of social whirlwinds, but one chore taking precedence over the next. Time is a luxury that most of us cannot afford so; weekend trips are still the best way to relax after a hectic workweek.

Kiwi popped in to the opulent Vinpearl Spa in Nghe An, Vietnam for a bit of extravagant living in a private bungalow with a pool, which automatically sets the mood for ultimate relaxing.

While Paul spent the afternoon at Cucumber Falls: Ohiopyle State Park in Dunbar, Pennsylvania for a bit of hiking along the falls, talk about the perfect weekend getaway!!!

Relax stylishly,

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2 thoughts on “October Weekend

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! Look at that private bungalow. Talk about opulence……. that is NICE. Okay, who is up for some white-water rafting. I dare you……………. Nice post as always ,K.

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