İstanbul Archaeology Museums

The Archaeological Museum in Istanbul consists of three structures; the first is the main building that is the Archaeological Museum, the second museum is the Ancient Orient and the third the Islamic art called the Tiled Kiosk, which is a pavilion set within the outer walls of Topkapi Palace and dates from 1472, and built by the Ottoman sultan Mehmed II. Here are a few tiled items along with mosaics that I found to be exceptionally breathtaking. 

Important artifacts such as the Sarcophagies of Alexander the Great and King Tabnit, both unearthed at the Royal Necropolis of Sydon (Saida, Lebanon) are on display and considered significant archeological discoveries.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum Alemdar Caddesi Osman Hamdi Bey Yokusu Sok. 34122, Gulhane Faith, Istanbul [+90 212] 5272700

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8 thoughts on “İstanbul Archaeology Museums

  1. I am enjoying this post just as much as your previous post – Hagia Sophia…………….simply remarkable pics and the history of this beautiful country is impressive. Thank you for the tid bits of information.

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  2. After reading this post, Kathleen, I spent an hour reading about the history of Istanbul. How absolutely fascinating. One could spend a lifetime just studying one of the many eras. Did you go to the bathhouse and get washed by another person? I don’t know if my Western post-Victorian upbringing would let me sign up for that. It is silly actually, we let others wash our hair at the hair stylists and we think nothing of it. I imagine it would be like that. Think of all the different lives that were lived there. I would like to have lived there during the 300 years of peace. ~Ginene

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