North to Alaska

Team members Sean and Tony have cruised to one of the most arresting spots in the US for summer vacation. The intense heat of the east had them traveling north to cooler temps. Nestled into the southeast portion of Alaska lays 16.7 million acres of the Tongass National Forest, a temperate zone that is home to many species of animal, and where you may occasionally catch a glimpse of rare flora. Managed by the US Forest Service the area encompasses the Alexander Archipelago; glaciers, fjords, and peaks of the Coast Mountains.

{Whales in Juneau on the Saginaw Channel}

Natural beauty abounds with jaggedly rugged mountains; fjords that are aesthetically pleasing steeped in cliffs with a narrow inlet, glaciers of dense ice constantly moving under its own weight, and forest which stretches for miles.

The boys took the helicopter excursions that landed on the glacier and where they were able to hike the alpine tundra,  love their photo’s.

Travel stylishly,

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