Absolute Favorites

It’s been a rough workweek with endless meetings, deadlines that had to be met, along with weather conditions that had the mid-Atlantic under intense cloud cover with severe rain. The ground has been saturated for the past two weeks making it difficult to work in the garden.
Then all of a sudden the sun came out after weeks in hiding, and when looking out the kitchen window I noticed the peonies drooping. So, I grabbed the camera, headed outdoors to photograph these gorgeous blooms before they disappeared.  {Peonies at Heath after the rain storm}

{Martini’s made with Hendricks gin and a boozy Vietnamese dessert}

Eddie V’s
7900 Tysons One Place
McLean, Virginia
{703} 442-4523
Weekends are for relaxing so, when the invitation came for cocktails at Eddie V’s, I couldn’t travel fast enough to Tyson’s One in McLean. Seriously, who can resist cocktails and dessert.


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