July Birthday’s

There is something particularly intoxicating about summer birthdays; it is a time that opens a world of possibilities for fun, relaxation and travel. My beautiful sister, dearest friend and I are born in the month of July, under the zodiac sign of Cancer. We are intuitive, emotional, and possess borderline psychic intuition. Our healing vibes come from the element of water, and are the most feminine sign.

Today, the first of July is my birthday so, I enjoyed a few luxuries to celebrate the day; starting with picking a few purple “hydrangea” flowers, and lunching with family at Eddie V’s.

Stay stylish,





3 Replies to “July Birthday’s”

  1. Happy belated birthday, K. I hope you had a wonderful time with family at Eddie V’s. The hydrangea has to be one of the most beautiful, colorful flowers on Earth. Stunning color……………….


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