Summer Blues

Lately, discussions at work have been wrapped around weather, as this has been the wettest summer on record. In a meeting last week everyone in our group spoke of the wanting the effects of autumn to begin immediately so, while we waited for the workshop to begin each of us took shared favorite aspects of fall, starting with the crisp coolness in the air, along with leaves swirling across the ground, and the smell of wood wafting in the air from fireplaces.

Going through photos the other day I came across a few items which seemed to possess a most magical blue color of the season, and though we rarely saw clear skies I would like to bid summer adieu in hopes that the soon we may take long walks in the evening out under the twinkling stars.

View of the Aegean from atop a cliff in Rhodes, and photo above Washington state during flight to British Vancouver.

Photo taken of a purple iris during sunset in garden at Heath that resulted in this fabulous shade of blue.


Super Blue Moon

As a habitual stargazer it was an incredible treat early this morning to see this super blue moon, and it was so close. Unfortunately, being in the mid-Atlantic we were not able to see the partial eclipse that would give this satellite it’s blood red hue, but those of you on the west coast would have that opportunity!

Remember to keep looking up!!!!