Seasonal Favorites

by Kathleen

IMG_0931Lately, I find myself brewing up pots of soup on these chilly evenings here in the mid-Atlantic and as much as I enjoy the crisp, cold air, the thought of snuggling up indoors is my idea of true comfort. But, when outdoors it is wondrous seeing colorful leaves falling to the ground, markets filled with pumpkins and the occasional sunrise that makes this time of year so spectacular {see last post Sunday Traditions}!

IMG_0735Vegetables from the farmers market and the gardens of Heath are tossed into a pot to make earthy broths for soups or stews to serve during lunch or dinner.

IMG_3714 IMG_3713Picturesque pumpkins and squash from local markets are beautiful this time of year. So, when driving through the mountains one cannot help snapping a few photos.

IMG_2771And, lastly these fabulous tomatoes just picked from the garden this afternoon by my brother John, who almost pulled the plants up a week ago during the first frost, but thought it best to leave them in the ground for a second harvest and these were the result! I cannot wait to make my delicious marinara sauce this weekend!!

Harvest stylishly,