Sunday Traditions

IMG_2764{Watching sunrise from a high point within our development on Heathcliff. Look at Venus shining brightly in the east and I think that is Saturn next to her, simply gorgeous!}

Since, weekend living is moving indoors due to the brisk air and the sun setting earlier, I enjoy carving out a bit of time for myself, especially on Sundays to totally relax. Like many of you, I work very hard during the workweek. My day starts at 5:20 in order to be at work by 7:30 am, and attempting to utilize time wisely, I will prep meals beforehand so, that I am not cooking dinner at 8:00 pm. I for one cannot eat late, but would like to settle in to read or write before bedtime.

Saturdays is still a day of chores here at Heath until the garden is completely tucked away for winter or the house may need cleaning and there is always the washing of clothes.

But, Sundays is my day of rest and this morning I was up and out for an early morning walk at 6:00 to breathe in the freshest and coldest air yet. We had frost warnings throughout the mountains and several counties in Northern Virginia. The sky was filled with stars before sunrise and I was able to see Venus, Saturn, Jupiter along with the constellations Orion, Pleiades, Taurus the Bull and Cassiopeia. I walked for half an hour, listening to classical music, and made my way to Heathcliff to watch the sun rise, which was spectacular! Just taking these few quiet moments to watch this show was wondrous!

Relax stylishly,

5 Replies to “Sunday Traditions”

  1. For a month between 1/20/16 and 2/20/16 you will be able to see all 5 visible planets in the morning sky simultaneously. The last time this happened was from 12/15/2004 through 1/15/2005 and won’t happen again for at least another decade. Enjoy……and keep looking up!


  2. Hi K. I bet that morning walk was spectacular. Crisp air and a site to behold in the sky. There is a Supermoon coming up next week, I believe the 27th. Good for you making time for yourself and walking………………….love the pic.


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