Fall Checklist

IMG_3872{First crop of pumpkins at Heath}

During this past week the mid-Atlantic has been enveloped in thick cloud cover along with torrential rainfall due to hurricane Joaquin. The flooding has been phenomenal and the sky so dark that you fear one may never see the sun again. So, to take my mind off leaks and power outages, I sat down to draft my fall checklist, as thinking of the holidays always cheers me up.

  1. The Yankee Candle catalog arrived yesterday afternoon and I have found the scent to transition from summer into fall, it is called Kitchen Spice and contains sweet orange, cinnamon, and clove… I love this combination of spices to make a home smell fragrant.
  1. Test recipes to give as gifts this holiday season, a white chocolate bark with orange flavored cranberries and pistachios, fleur de sel caramels, carrot cake along with a not so sweet pecan pie. I will provide recipes once I have worked out the perfect combination of flavors.
  1. Check the vintage shops on the U Street corridor in Washington, DC for Manolo Blahnik mules. I found a deep purple pair this summer that were embroidered and perfect for fall so, decided to try for a few more pairs!
  1. Pop into the National Gallery of Art in December to see 50 bronze sculptures from Greece between the fourth and first centuries BC.  Power and Pathos: Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World from December 13, 2015 – March 20, 2016.
  1. Continue selecting songs from Music Choice and Pandora in the style of Jobim for my autumn playlist.

Stay stylish,

6 Replies to “Fall Checklist”

    1. We just ordered the Yankee Candles to get the holiday scent at Heath and will start testing recipes next weekend. Looking forward to seeing you during the Christmas!!!!


  1. Nice pumpkins there at Heath. This is my favorite month of the year. I love Autumn and seeing carved pumpkins in windows and doorsteps. Crisp air and leaves are upon us. Btw………………….I have a family friend that turn my family and me on to Yankee candles. Quality candles that burn a long time. Nice post, K.

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