Easter 2015

The crocus that grows prolifically at Heath alerts us to beautifully warm days ahead and to spring!!!

Wishing everyone a wondrous holiday that is filled with family and friends.

And, to my fab father who is celebrating an exuberant 87 years today… Happy Birthday Dad!!!



6 Replies to “Easter 2015”

  1. Happy Easter Stylish Heath. Looking forward to enjoying the sights and smells of the Heath garden later this spring. Nothing like a well manicured and stylish garden to herald the coming of spring and summer in our hemisphere.


  2. Happy Easter Monday to you Kathleen! Here in Stuttgart, Germany, the crocus are out in full bloom and so are the early flowers of spring. I look forward to seeing the Stylish Heath’s garden in the weeks to come. Enjoy!


    1. Happy Spring to you Karen,
      I cannot tell how much we miss you here at the “Lakes”, but will definitely get the camera ready for the blooming process in the weeks to come!


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