Down in Brazil

IMG_1663 IMG_1659{Leme, Rio de Janeiro}

Don’t you absolutely love the lyrics to this Michael Franks song…
“Down in Brazil
It takes a day to walk a mile
Time just stand still
And when the people you meet look at you they smile
They still believe in style
They serve you with their sambas ’til
You really know you’re down in ol’ Brazil…” {Down in Brazil on the album Sleeping Gypsy by Michael Franks}

IMG_3788 IMG_3787Treats from Colombo’s Quaint Confectionery
Our reporters enjoyed sweet treats after a day of tanning on the beach and site-seeing so, they headed to Colombo’s confectionery for cool drinks and a few melt in your mouth pastries…look at these tarts!

IMG_1669A couple of marmosets were spotted, which are very small monkeys with relatively long tails. Native to east-central Brazil’s semi-deciduous forest, but also live within the city limits of Rio.

IMG_1677Rio de Janeiro {City}
The second largest city in Brazil and the most visited in the southern hemisphere. Best known for its beaches, carnivals, soccer and the most rhythmic music; I cannot get enough of Brazilian jazz and continue to add to my playlist.

Travel stylishly,

3 Replies to “Down in Brazil”

  1. What a beautiful city!!!!!!!! Very nice, scenic photos of Rio. Love it. Ironically, I have that song in my smooth jazz playlist. Awwwwwwwwww look at the marmosets. Very nice posts, K.


    1. Pleased to hear you have the song “down in Brazil” in your playlist. No matter who records this tune, it transcends classic style!!! And, glad you enjoyed the post!!!


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