The Mini Taj in Agra

IMG_3286 IMG_3290Our reporters are still in India at the mausoleum of Etimad-ud-Daulah or the {Mini Taj} built in 1622-1628. An exquisite marble tomb inlaid with semi-precious stones {carnelian, lapis lazuli, onyx and topaz}, exhibits a strong Persian influence and is placed on the bank of the Yamuna River.

Details on the walls of the mausoleum of Etimad-ud-Daulah and the Cupola of minaret.

Commissioned by Nur Jahan for her father Mirza Ghiyas Beg, a Persian Amir in exile who was also the grandfather of Mumtaz Mahal {the wife of the emperor Shah Jahan, for whom the Taj Mahal was constructed}.

{Sean and Tony on the streets of New Delhi are now heading for Abu Dhabi}

The boys on the streets of New Delhi are leaving India for Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. This photo taken at the crosswalks of Dariba Kalan & Chandni Chowk is bustling with people and shops!!


4 Replies to “The Mini Taj in Agra”

  1. Hello. I love these pics that the Stylish Heath reporters captured and made available for your stylish blog. Very nice photography of this incredible history in India. I especially like the “self shot” of the crew at the crosswalks. Keep up the great work………………….


    1. The reporters are having a fabulous time and have sent pics from Abu Dhabi, which is a cultural hot spot in the Middle East! So, stay tuned for more history!!!


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