Cherry Blossoms @ Heath

by Kathleen

IMG_1612    IMG_1617The peak blooms for the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin in the District of Columbia were on Thursday, April 10th, but the buds on our tree at Heath have just started flowering. We are 28 miles from Washington and at a much higher elevation. Located in the western part of Virginia, this makes the soil conditions and climate drastically different from within the city, and causes our cherry blossoms to mature a few weeks later.

IMG_2803Lately, we have notice community members driving up to our home taking pictures of the tree since, they missed the festivities and the Cherry Blossom Parade in the District. A few of the neighbors will actually get out of their cars to ask if they may photograph the blossoms. But, no matter what your vantage may be while taking pictures of this tree, your photographs are surely going to turn out absolutely gorgeous!

Photograph stylishly,