Stylish Favorites 4. 19.14

by Kathleen


{Daffodils from the heavily wooded area of Heath on a partly cloudy day}

When the weekend rolls around, there is nothing like grabbing the camera to get out and about in warmer weather taking pictures of spring, as the season unfolds away from winter.


{Basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, cilantro and mint basking in the sunlight}

Hardening off herbs on the porch to acclimate the plants to stronger sunlight, cooler nights and less frequent watering from when they were seeds.


{Eclairs, cheesecakes, fruit tarts and the sweet du jour- lemon cream cake from French restaurant la Madeleine}

Selecting a treat from the pastry display at la Madeleine after a delicious lunch with my dearest friend Marly. It’s always a pleasure to relax, enjoy a light meal while talking over a fragrant cup of French roasted coffee.


Apollo Victorious over a Python sculpted in 1591 by Pietro Francavilla in Florence {Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD}

This gorgeous sculpture is of late Renaissance style known as Mannerism, and is a representation of the ancient sun god Apollo’s triumph when he slew the serpent Python with his bow and arrow at Delphi.

Spring forward stylishly,