November {10}

For {ten} fantastic years Stylish Heath has been my creative venue for art, travel and delicious food. I remember walking through the neighborhood one crisp November evening in 2012 listening to my autumn playlist, and while meandering the streets various topics and images came to mind on how to begin the blog. But all I could focus on in that chilly night air were spring flowers. I had photographed peonies, irises, daffodils, and tulips earlier that year and wanted to begin the first post with one of these images even though Thanksgiving was around the corner.

So, to celebrate 10 years at Heath I’ve chosen a few family photos taken last week in Pittsburgh showing the fun and frivolity we have whenever we’re together. This is what blogging is all about sharing, exchanging ideas and learning from those enjoy life!!!

Family in Pittsburgh over the weekend enjoying purchasing apples on The Strip and checking out the Andy Warhol museum.

My adorable niece Aria Grace who is now five months old was christened this weekend surrounded by family wearing a beautiful lace dress from Burono, Italy {Venice}. Aria enjoys life, she has found her legs and hands, and truly enjoys her new found treasures!!!

The Andy Warhol museum was a phenomenal place to visit, seeing various inspirational works and the archives of the artist. 1] Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol 2] Portrait of Grace Jones 3] Heads {After Picasso}, 1985, 4] Photograph of Iman and Tina Chow.

I’m so appreciative of the support and the love of community we’ve created over the years, and am so looking forward to the next ten!!!

Stay stylish,

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4 thoughts on “November {10}

  1. Congratulations on on a highly creative and mind expanding ten years of blogging….I love these family photos as well as the Andy Warhol display….well done!!

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    1. I’m pleased you enjoy the creativity of Stylish Heath and am looking forward to another 10 years of blogging. These family photos are of us having a great time last weekend. We need to include you in a few of pics!!!

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