Summer Favorites

This season has been completely jam-packed starting with my retiring from teaching, welcoming our newest member to the family……my niece Aria on June 20th, and have plans for traveling again in the next few weeks. Remember days from summers past, when we could stay out late playing into the night or socializing with friends and neighbors by the water.

August is the final full month of summer, and as light begins to dwindle so, will the fruits of summer. Enjoy the remaining pleasures of midsummer by grabbing an occasional ice cream, gazing at the stars, or traveling to far of places.

I enjoy sipping mint tea on the front porch in the cool morning air or having a cocktail in the evening.

Taking time to relax at a spa like beach with no distractions. Fresh steamed crabs makes an easy summer meal with slices of watermelon…..!!!

Simply enjoy,

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