Last night we had our first frost and had to bring in several house plants that had been sitting on our deck. Several of these potted beauties have been in the family for years and require much love and attention with temps above 45 degrees.

I didn’t get to garden this year due to working long grueling hours this summer. I miss seeing the seasonal flowers of fall growing in the garden and have placed deep orange- and rust-colored chrysanthemums around the house.

Friends on Instagram have been posting gorgeous photos of their dahlias this fall, and my heart aches at seeing such beauty, and having allowed myself to be so busy and preoccupied to garden.

I’m going to spend this winter and any snow days drafting and designing my garden for the next year.I’m excited at the prospect of having beautiful flowers bloom each season once again. I went through my files and pulled photos of dahlias grown at Heath to enjoy and attempt to replicate next year.

Stay stylish,

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