Monet and Chicago

1} Water Lily Pond, 1900 2} Waterloo Bridge, Sunlight Effect, 1903 3} Venice, Palazzo Dario, 1908
4} Family photograph of Claude Monet 5} Houses of Parliament, London, 1900-1901

Life continues to be unsettling and at times difficult due to the pandemic. We are seven months in and COVID-19 along with politics are still at the center of our lives. Where does one go to escape? How do we bring a bit of normalcy to our existence?  Well …. here’s the perfect mini getaway, Monet’s Paris has come to Chicago!

While in the city last week, our team procured tickets to the Monet and Chicago at the Art Institute of Chicago, which will be on exhibit until January 18, 2020. The museum has 33 paintings and 13 drawings of Monet’s that constitutes the largest collection of works by the artist outside of Paris. Here’s a video I’ve watched a few times detailing Monet’s artistic process of painting and deleting items in a series, which is fabulous to view: Beyond the Surface/ Discovering Monet.

Lately, I find myself constantly seeking out beauty from my surroundings; articles that I have read or from the interesting people I social distance with when at work. But, seeing these Impressionistic paintings has ignited my passion for drawing and painting. Perhaps, Claude Monet did say it best: “Every day I discover more and more beautiful things,” he wrote. “It’s enough to drive one mad.”

Stay inspired,

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  1. Thanks for viewing my recent post. I’ve started following yours. This, dealing with Monet, is of interest, as we were there in France a few years ago, walking among the lily gardens. A most impressive visit. M 😉

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