Facets of Spring

The air has changed. The smell of green abounds and the freshly turned earth tell us spring is here, and though it is not necessarily one of my favorite seasons I do enjoy warmer weather along with moving outside to garden, barbecue, walk, or to just sit on the deck relaxing after a long day at work.

I was at the market on Friday afternoon and saw the most delciously plump blackberries near the lemons, and knew I had to make a pitcher of Blackberry Lemonade for the weekend. I prefer making this refreshing drink by taste, starting with a simple syrup, one to two cups of blackberries blended in the food processor, and two cups of fresh squeezed lemons.I even tossed in a few strawberries for good measure.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be spring without flower and vegetable catalogs to preview, while pilfering an idea or two from other gardens to add to the beauty of our beds. I want so much for our garden to unfold with blooms from one season to the next.


2 Replies to “Facets of Spring”

  1. I used to walk with my little kids this time of year looking for “spring things” like crocus flowers or dogwood buds and robins. This post brought me back there. 🙂

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    1. What a beautiful memory, and I would do the same with my nieces and nephews. We too would collect items such as daffodils, cherry blossom branches or examine squirrels nest that had fallen to the ground.

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