Periodically a few of us at Heath embark on a journey to Shanghai and Singapore to take in the architectural wonders, a bit of art, secure an idea or two from the cultivated gardens, and to take part in shopping sprees. But, all that aside there is nothing like enjoying the view of the city from these spectacular buildings. {Pudong landmarks and skyline}

Buildings arise on both sides of the Huangpu River, and we are on the eastside opposite the Bund, known as the Pudong district. This financial district has a most impressive skyline that includes the world’s highest observation deck located in the Shanghai World Financial Center. In two of these photos one can see the Oriental Pearl Tower, which is also a TV tower and was at one time the tallest structure in China, until Financial Center was built in 2007.

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6 thoughts on “Shanghai

    1. I remember my first trip to Shanghai, I was up at 4:45 a.m. and all I could do was stare out the windows at the gorgeous scene of the sunrise; a winding river, and buildings materializng in the daylight.


    1. No matter where you are located; at ground level or high in the sky, the city unfolds in the most amazing way. And, I love that Shanghai is considered the Paris of the East!


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