Super Blue Moon

As a habitual stargazer it was an incredible treat early this morning to see this super blue moon, and it was so close. Unfortunately, being in the mid-Atlantic we were not able to see the partial eclipse that would give this satellite it’s blood red hue, but those of you on the west coast would have that opportunity!

Remember to keep looking up!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Super Blue Moon

    1. Wow… it is fabulous you had an opportunity to view the beauty of the moon in the UK. I saw the moon rise, but the photos in the post were from 6:00am and it was spectacular!!


  1. We were able to catch the total eclipse here in the Midwest, but it was at 6:50am right before sunrise and was low on the horizon. Being in the city, I missed it due to buildings, trees and whatever. But I enjoy the pictures! 🙂

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