December 21st

There is something magical about settling in on the longest night of the year. This evening after putting dinner on to cook, I decided to walk the neighborhood for fresh air and to see the stars in the sky through intermittent clouds. While walking viewing the spectacularly lit homes, there were sleighs with deer or giant snowmen in the yards….it was exciting to see such a festive review …. and not be in Vegas.

Each home was showcasing holiday cheer with lots of lights, and a few family members were able to see the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn igniting the western sky after sunset.

Early man would burn logs or light candles for additional light during the long nights. They also built monuments to follow the sun’s path across the sky or to determine the length of daylight. One day I will get to Manchu Picchu in Peru to see the Inca style structures.


Spring Equinox

While retrieving the newspaper early this morning, one couldn’t help noticing that winter is not backing down, it’s definitely holding on. As we are going to have cloud cover this evening the last supermoon of 2019 will be difficult to view. This full moon will coincide with the spring equinox reaching the closest point to Earth in it’s elliptical orbit around the planet, and appearing larger and brighter in the night sky.

Two of the photos were taken at 8:30 last night {Tuesday, March 19th], the moon reached its closest point to Earth at 3:47 pm but, will not be completely full until tonight. The equinox arrives at 5:58 pm tonight so, those of you who can get out to see this show please relay what you observe. Hopefully, our cloud cover will not take place until tomorrow morning!!!

Happy spring.


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