Weekend Reprieve

img_6463{This lobster ravioli from Ladurée in Soho was absolutely delicious, and I feel compelled to recreate this dish over a weekend from the kitchens of Heath}

Most weekends, I enjoy the ritual of walking in early evening to clear my thoughts after a hectic week. Work can be overwhelming when managing a department of opinionated librarians; attending meetings every few hours, which usually end up being facilitated by me, all while keeping up with text and emails

Scheduling time into a busy day to relax seems counter-intuitive with so much to do from 7-4, which is why it is imperative that I head back to Heath each evening in order to recharge.

I look forward to cooking each night….. yes, I really do; the chopping, choosing herbs to help flavor various meals and sautéing. Somehow the pressures of the day melt away and unwinding in the kitchen with a glass of wine with all four burners “bubbling and squeaking” is definitely the best way to start the evening and most definitely the weekend!!! 

Cook and relax stylishly,

7 Replies to “Weekend Reprieve”

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. Cook it up. How in the heck do you find time to prep and cook when you’re working from 7am – 4pm? That is no easy chore, especially when you work with opinionated Librarians. That alone should drain you of all your ambitions. Well, cheers to you and I tip my hat to you. Nice post as always.


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