Bonne Année

image6-copy{Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte located in Maincy, outside of Paris in the Seine-et-Marne département of France}

Happy 2017 and hope everyone is off to a fabulous start to the New Year. Can you believe the amount of time we focused on planning and prepping for Christmas only to blink and it’s over?

Everyone I know has drafted resolutions and I for one have decided to set down a few. Such as acquiring peace in my daily life with less stress and to focus on balancing work and home without worrying about perfection. But, most importantly, I absolutely must get out and re-explore my area of the country.

Northern Virginia has so much to offer in the way of history, art, farms and wineries. I cannot wait to venture into the unknown, which is always the perfect way to stay in touch and learn.




6 Replies to “Bonne Année”

  1. Happy New Year, K………………….Good for you recognizing the need to minimize some areas of stress in your life. Keep the stylish post coming. Your blog helps me when I encounter stressful times.


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