Christmas in Casa-Pueblo

IMG_3016 IMG_3569Tis the season to travel and our reporters are cruising throughout South America for the holidays. Their first port of call was to a resort off the Atlantic coast known as the St. Tropez of southeastern Uruguay; Punta del Este a city with beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunsets. Casa-Pueblo is first on the list of sites, a museum built by Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró as a summer house and workshop. Designed as a living sculpture with whitewashed concrete and stucco creates a surrealistic appearance off the coast in Punta Ballena.

Travel stylishly,



6 Replies to “Christmas in Casa-Pueblo”

    1. Several family members were spending the holidays cruising South America…..apparently this gorgeous spot is for artist, I would love to sit and soak up the atmosphere!!!!


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