Stylish Shoes @ 15% Discount w/ code: AMKH6

IMG_1035_2 IMG_1040_2{My first purchases from Beverly Feldman many years ago… is this considered vintage?}

Hello Stylish Shoppers,

I discovered Beverly Feldman shoes while channel surfing on the Home Shopping Network {HSN} a few years ago and was immediately captivated by the elegant style and design of her shoes.

Beverly is now designing from her factory in sunny Spain and has created a website to sell her shoes worldwide!  As a messenger of one who loves this fashionable footwear and for a limited time, every one of us can receive a 15% discount when you use the code: AMKH6 at Beverly Feldman Shoes. If you are in an EEC country shipping will be free and if in the United States we get a flat rate of 20 euros, which is about $24!!

Leave a comment on my blog or on Facebook, as Beverly and her team would love to know your thinking on these designs and would definitely value your feedback!!

IMG_1027_2 IMG_1025
Visit Beverly’s  or go to her Facebook page at to leave your innovative ideas, and remember she is very fond of stating “too much is not enough”!!!

Shop stylishly with code:{AMKH6}

4 Replies to “Stylish Shoes @ 15% Discount w/ code: AMKH6”

    1. It’s been a long time and it’s great to hear from you! I too have been looking for cute sandals, and w/ spring right around the corner thought what better way to jump start the season than w/ Beverly Feldman shoes. Have fun shopping!!!


  1. Those are some fancy shoes there. My sister has a couple of pairs of Beverly Feldman shoes and they caught my eye the first time I saw them on her. I will tell her about the 15% discount that can be applied if she buys another pair online. Thanks Stylish Heath.


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