Year Two

IMG_1819{The second day at the WordCamp NYC Conference this year, which was truly exciting and much fun}

Today is the second anniversary of my blog and what could more fitting than to celebrate in the month of November. A time in which we dedicate to removing ourselves from busy schedules and gathering together for no other reason than being grateful and thankful for all we have received. I am amazed by the number of friends made through comments and emails, and truly appreciate your support over the last few years. I am looking forward to another year of exploration and experimentation with photography, art, cooking and fashion just to name a few of my passions.

To everyone who enjoys making everyday a matter of great taste, thank you for experiencing Stylish Heath.

6 Replies to “Year Two”

  1. Congratulations on a great blog as I eagerly await all your posts and really enjoy your sharing the finer things in life as opposed to the daily riff-raff we are inundated with.


  2. HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY!!! Your Blog is tasteful, insightful and wonderful! It is REAL! It relates to all senses. I enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures; reading about and imagining your wonderful journeys; trying out some of the delicious food you recommend; through your detailed and captivating descriptions I could hear the sounds and I could smell nature, the herbs and the food. I love it and look forward reading your blog every week. Cheers to you and your successful blog!


    1. I am truly inspired by your gracious comment and am eager to continue with investigative post regarding style and good taste. Thank you so much for being a “Stylish Heath” reader since its inception!!! xoxo’s K


  3. Kathleen, I would like to congratulate you on 2 wonderful years of stylish, inspirational and informative blogging. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and have gained a lot of insight from them. Keep up the great work and again, Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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