Hunter’s Moon

IMG_2159As an early riser, I was fortunate to see the wondrous lunar eclipse yesterday morning {October 8th} before going to work. It had stormed the night before and I was sure the cloud cover would prevent anyone from seeing the Hunter’s Moon. But, at 5:00 a.m. while listening to NPR the announcer indicated the skies were clear and to get outside and view the eclipse before 6:20. Putting on a pot of coffee, I woke Malcolm the cat, and then ran out the front door facing west to see the brilliantly lit moon in the first phase of darkening from earth’s shadow.

Malcolm and I enjoy the spectacular show of seeing the moon take on a gorgeous coppery red hue as the total eclipse took place before our eyes. There were a few planets in sight to add to this dramatic and remarkable scene taking place, one I believe was Uranus.

As my camera did not pick up quality images of the Blood Moon during this hour of the morning, but later in the evening the magnificent moon shone brightly which allowed me to capture a few shots.


5 Replies to “Hunter’s Moon”

  1. Brilliant pic Stylish Heath. I didn’t catch the eclipse because I was tricked by the rain, but I was able to see this wonderful moon also while going for my daily walk. What a sight!!!!!!!!!!! Look how your street is lit up in the distance.


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