Supermoon of August

IMG_3552 IMG_3551I wanted to share these striking photos taken upon landing at Dulles Airport after our trip from Savannah. The scene was most spectacular to view from the window of the plane, as this August full moon was this year’s closest super-moon, and according to NASA was 14% closer and 30% brighter than all the other full moons of the year.

The super “harvest moon” will light up the night skies with a final super-moon showing of 2014 on September 8th and 9th so, get outside and look up!


5 Replies to “Supermoon of August”

  1. Awesome photos Stylish Heath. I’m an avid walker, but the night that a super moon is expected I walk an extra mile or two just to view this scenic event. Very nice when the moon is so bright that it lights up my evening stroll. Nice post!


  2. Unfortunately we had a thick blanket of clouds in Chicago that wouldn’t dissipate. Consequently my views of the supermoon were reduced to internet pictures. However we will have 4 supermoons this year so I anxiously await September’s offering. It is truly a beautiful sight. There are an infinite number of treasures in the night sky, enjoy them all. These are excellent pictures in this post.


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